Frédéric Jacq
(vocal / bagpipe)

After starting on stage in Slovakia in 1997 as host of the group DNO (rock, reggae, ska), Frédéric founded the group KELTIEG in 1998 with french, english and slovak friends to interpret the hits that marked his childhood (Tri Yann, Alan Stivell, Sonerien Du, …) and other tunes from the Celtic world. Then he founded ROC’HANN in 2004, with his friend Didier, with the aim of promoting Brittany and the songs of the maritime tradition. Once in Czech Republic, he sang as a host in  the groups BRAN (Breton music) and DICK O’BRASS (Celtic rock). Finally, he founded a group of medieval bagpipes, BAGAD BAGDAD, for street performance. He composes the melodies for the new ROC’HANN songs.

Didier Rogasik

Sing Brittany with the heart … for others … for smiles. Co-founder of ROC’HANN at the beginning of 2004 with his friend Frédéric, Didier is the pen of ROC’HANN’s compositions, which you can discover on the group’s latest album. In parallel to ROC’HANN, in October 2018 he founded the group POURQUOI PAS?, which performs french pop.








Linda Lesáková

As a daughter of a professional Dobro (resophonic guitar) player, Linda grew up surrounded by music. Her first instrument was the recorder flute, which she studied at elementary music school as well as singing. Later she switched to transverse flute, which appealed to her so much that she decided to study this instrument at the State Conservatory in Bratislava. During her studies, she began performing in the folk, bluegrass and world music bands Kalumet, STRESSED HEDGEHOG and ACOUSTIC FLASH. She has been a member of the band ROC’HANN since 2007. The band presented her first contact with the music of Brittany, which she loves and admires since. Linda lives in Czech Republic, from where she travels to concerts and rehearsals.

Michal Kubinec
(bass guitar / contrabass)

Michal started playing music as a child. At first it was a classical guitar and later, during high school,  he switched to bass guitar. The first bands and the first concerts came. After a few years under the leadership of a great jazz musician Eduard Vizvári he began playing the double bass. He played in various musical ensembles from rock, jazz and funky bands to big band and orchestra. He has been playing in the band ROC’HANN almost since the beginning and still enjoys it.

Nico Lipovský

Nico began to play medieval and renaissance music in the last millennium in the ESTAM association, which brought the atmosphere of ancient times. Later he played in the group KELTIEG, which is the first Slovak band to introduce listeners to Celtic music culture. ŠAFRAN is a modified Slovak folk music, drawing on the folklore of the Upper Nitra region, but also the whole Slovakia, and goes back to the roots. Nico has been a member of the French-Slovak group ROC’HANN for more than two years. He also is the guitar of POURQUOI PAS ?

Zuzana Hanusová
(percussions / chalumeau)

Zuzana is fascinated by historical instruments and percussions, which have been preserved in folklore around the world. Her first percussion was the african dundun bass drums, but Zuzana’s life was most impacted by the bodhrán frame drum. During high school, she played in a band interpreting traditional irish music. She came to Bratislava for irish sessions organised by some musicians from KELTIEG group, where she met people who inspired and shaped her.
She found great interest in accompanying bagpipers, which was made possible for her in the group SPOJENE HUKY SLOVENSKA (United Drones of Slovakia). In 2013, together with friends, they founded the band PÁNI ČASU, which deals with slovak traditional, irish and medieval melodies. She performed as a host in the band ROC’HANN a few times, later she was suggested to become a member of the band.

Tajana Hevesi

Tajana has been playing the violin since she was 6 years old. From a young age she has always enjoyed playing music – at first mainly classical – with her siblings and parents. She got her first contact with medieval and world music as a violinist and singer in a historical re-enactment environment, where she co-founded the band MUSICA URSUSICA. She has been a fan of the group ROC’HANN since about 2012 and became its violinist in 2020

Jakub Bebej
(bagpipes, flutes)

Jakub started his musical journey on the violin. Following the example of his siblings, he also took up folk music. At secondary school in FS ORAVAN (Nižná) and at university in FS POĽANA (Zvolen). Here he already got his hands on the viola, but in addition to it, he also began to discover the magic of flutes and bagpipes.
After completing his studies at the university, a group of three talented musicians found him and accepted him into the band STRIGÔŇ. Here, the dreamed hurdy gurdy has already been added to the collection of tools. He worked in Strigôn until May 2022. After a short rest, he was welcomed by the band ROC’HANN in September of the same year.